Tuesday, November 25, 2008

While She Naps

I've just discovered a beautiful soft sculpture artist, Abby of While She Naps, who makes, amongst other things, incredibly beautiful birds. She's just posted a really interesting photography journey of making a peacock which you should check out.

But I found her for her beautiful teacup pin cushions.
She buys antique teacup and saucer sets and turns them into pin cushions like the one on the left. How beautiful are they? I love the idea of rescuing things that other people have thrown out and make them into something beautiful and useful. And I'm always a fan of old world items and crafts. Abby is selling her beautiful work at her etsy store, whileshenaps.etsy.com which has some heart achingly beautiful things on it!
It occurs to me that I used the term 'beautiful' quite a lot in that post. But I comfort myself that I am an artist, so I call them how I see them. Plus, my thesaurus is all the way over the other side of the room. Of course, I could look it up on the net, but I think that what I think is what I think. And I find a lot of things beautiful.


shula said...

Big fan of Abby Glassenberg.

BIG fan.


Sayraphim said...

I think I found her through your blog actually, though when I went back to check I couldn't find where I found her. But I did see photos of your new house, it's beautiful! Congrats on such a treasure trove of a new home