Friday, May 29, 2009

I won an award!

How cool is that? I won the Photography award at the Pivot exhibition at Red Earth Gallery for The Afterlife Ball.

I didn't get to the opening, but received it in the mail last night. I'm so happy! Here is the award winning image!

That's so cool :)

And now, back to your regular scheduling...


becclebee said...

YAY! and big congratulations you!

well done!

Sayraphim said...

Thanks so much becclebee! I'm pretty stoked :)

Cute_Anarchy said...

I was admiring the image when you posted it before, you deserve to win! Such a cool image, and it really tells a story.

(here from Craftster <3)

Sayraphim said...

Oh, thank you Cute Anarchy! That's so lovely of you :)