Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Awesomely exciting exhibition opportunity !

OOO people! There's a seriously exciting thing happening on the other side of the world! The awesome guys at Stitch London have organised STITCHED SCIENCE, where people can send in their knitted/crocheted/sewn science items. Dinosaurs, Bunsen burners, rocketships, skeletons, whatever you can think of that has a science theme. 

How awesome is that? 

I'm sending in my heart and brain... What would you make? 

You can find out more about the whole thing here.

Come play with science!


Kitten of Doom said...

Oh wow that's awesome!

I'm really very good at science, but alas I don't know how to knit... :(

Sayraphim said...

It doesn't have to be knitting... it can be any kind of stitch, sewn, crocheted, anything you can think of...

Ilona Nelson ~ Illy Photography said...

Awesome, hope your heart gets in! xxx

Sayraphim said...

Thank you love! I'm pretty sure it's an open exhibition, but I hope the heart and brain get there a) in time and b) safely :)