Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Moment In Yarn

I've created a new project, A Moment In Yarn...  It focuses on translating warm memories into crocheted granny squares. Talking to people and asking them for a happy memory to translate into tangible crochet for them to hold and keep.

Today I did one for someone, and they got teary over it. I think that's incredible. Never doubt the power of memories and craft. This project is really touching and incredibly to be a part of.


Two tiny girls
crouched on the small wooden bridge
peering into the murky depths of the fishpond
and are rewarded by
the flash of orange.

The Fernery

When their children left the nest
They moved to a new house
And he lovingly built her
A little hut of sticks
For a fernery
With two tiny ponds inside


The old lady
sat in the garden on her favourite yellow bench
and licked the froth
from the takeaway lid
of the cappuccino her granddaughters had bought her.

Button Jar

The buttons
in those big glass jars
used to glint in the sun
like some kind of jeweled craft treasure chest

You can see more of A Moment In Yarn at my Flickr account, here

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